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Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
  • CSR Activities

Over the years, the Company recognizes the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) not only good corporate governance policy, but also both internal and external stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, partners/creditors, customers, competitors, communities, and the environment. CSR activities that are part of in-process and after-process activities are in accordance with the following eight CSR principles.


CSR Activities Related to In - process of Business operations

  1. Fair business practice

    Nok Air has been operating business with fair treatment of all stakeholders, ranging from shareholders, employees, customers, partners, contractual parties, communities, society as a whole, and the environment. Not limited to legal requirement, its responsibility for the stakeholders includes refraining from any action that may infringe or impinge on the stakeholders’ rights. Nok Air has formulated the Code of Conduct to ensure fair business practices as it considers that corporate reputation for integrity, as well as the top management’s reputation and goodness, is a valuable factor in its cooperate success, progress, and profitability. This practice standard therefore has a direct impact on its corporate credibility. The Company’s business operations shall comply with laws and regulations and respect its partners’ and customers’ rights.

  2. Anti-corruption Policy

    Nok Air Public Company Limited places a priority to anti-corruption and is committed to operating its business by adhering to moral, integrity, transparency and responsibility toward its stakeholders. Following this principle, the Company has come up with the best practice of the Board of Directors, the management and employees at all levels as reflected in the business Code of Conduct and the employee’s Code of Conduct which are considered part of its corporate governance that will drive the Company toward sustainability.

    • Objectives
      1. To provide the Board of Directors, the management and employees with an opportunity to express their commitment to and embrace anti-corruption practice to their own
      2. To provide criteria and clear practice guideline to prevent the Company and its employees from breaching the Company’s anti-corruption policy
      3. To review and monitor overall operations to ensure that the Company and employees strictly follow the anti-corruption policy
      4. To encourage the entire organization and employees to monitor and report fraudulent action or corruption via secured communication channel
    • Definition

      Corruption refers to “an act or an omission not to act in one’s duty or an unscrupulous exercise of one’s power and violation of the laws, the Code of Conduct, regulation or policy of the Company in order to seek unqualified benefit in various manners such as demanding, accepting, offering or giving a property or any other benefit to a public official or any other individual who is doing a business with the Company or subsidiaries.”

      “Political assistance means directly or indirectly offering assets, money, goods, and privileges to support and help or for other benefits to political parties, politicians and people involved with politics or political events.”

      “Related persons means spouse, children, father, mother and close family relatives of the directors, executives and employees at all levels of the Company and subsidiaries.”

    • Policy

      Nok Air has formulated the anti-corruption policy as a guideline for its practice as follows:

      1. Directors, executives and employees shall in no case corrupt or support the corruption and will strictly comply with the anti-corruption measures.
      2. Directors, executives and employees have a role to comply with the good corporate governance policy and the anti-corruption policy. The Board of Directors has entrusted the management to communicate and implement anti-corruption measures.
      3. Directors, executives and employees shall strictly respect and comply with anti-corruption laws enacted in every country or locations that the Company operates business.
      4. To nurture the corporate culture of integrity and honesty.
      5. To provide employee training to encourage sincerity, integrity towards their work and to enable them to embrace the principle and ethical standard under the corporate governance policy to their own.
      6. The Company puts in place the human resource development process that reflects Nok Air’s commitment to anti - corruption practice, from selection, training, assessment, remuneration and promotion.
      7. An internal audit is put in place for the Company to achieve its goal and to audit every department to seeif they have compiled with rules and regulations as well as to find out weaknesses and loopholes. In addition, the internal audit should provide advice regarding how to improve the operation system to become effective and efficient under the good corporate governance guideline.
      8. Cooperating with the public sector by requiring every department who becomes a contractual party with the state to disclose their incomes and expenses to the National Anti-Corruption Commission of Thailand (NACC).
      9. Designating the Company Secretary and the internal audit manager as persons who shall realize the corporate governance.
    • Practice guideline

      The Company has set up practice guideline as follows:

      1. Directors, executives and employees shall strictly follow the Company’s anti-corruption policy and shall not be directly or indirectly involved in any fraudulent action or corruption in any form
      2. Director, executive and employee shall not take any action that shows an intention to corrupt, give or take bribes to and from stakeholders who have relationship with the Company and subsidiaries in the matter that the person has direct or indirect responsibility in exchange for benefits of the Company or one’s own or related persons.
      3. In risk assessment, all executives shall be aware of risk of bribery, fraud and corruption related to business operations in order that they can properly manage such risks and regularly review risk prevention measures
      4. In any operations or work that may involve risk of corruption and fraud or being against the anti-corruption policy, employees of all levels and also those in the subsidiaries shall take careful action in the following areas:
        • 4.1 Giving and receiving gifts and entertainment: employees shall follow the good corporate governance practice and Code of Conduct as well as anti-corruption policy
        • 4.2 Do not demand or accept assets, gifts and other benefits from customers, trade, partners, suppliers, competitors and others being engaged in a business with the Company, or involve in an entertainment or meals of excessive value than appropriate that may induce the employees to wrongly refrain from performing duty. In case the employee cannot avoid accepting such gifts or benefits, the person shall make sure that he/she strictly complies with related laws and that the gift presented has appropriate value, except for seasonal gifts or normal business reception. In case the value of such gift or offer exceeds 3,000 baht (three thousand baht), the person shall immediately inform the supervisor at Director level for acknowledgement.
        • 4.3 Business reception expenses and other expenses related to the Company’s business operations are acceptable if reasonable. Such action must be carried out in accordance with the Company’s regulations and transparent manner.
        • 4.4 Employees shall refrain from taking inappropriate action through convincing, influencing or an intention to obtain advantages or benefits.
        • 4.5 Donation to charity organizations shall be done on behalf of the Company and the charity organizations shall be reliable ones with clear objectives to operate for the society and not for profit. Receipt or certification shall be presented. Closely monitoring and audit shall be implemented to ensure that the donation is spent according to the objective and not used as an excuse for bribery.
        • 4.6 Sponsorship in any form, including cash, service, assets or items, given to any projects or activities as part of business support or corporate image of the Company and subsidiaries must clearly be done on behalf of the Company and subsidiaries in transparent and legal manner as well as in accordance with the process specified by the Company and can be audited.
      5. An appropriate and regular internal audit system is put in place to prevent employees from involving in inappropriate action, especially in sales, marketing and procurement activities that have to meet with the Company’s regulations and process and are transparent.
      6. The Company has a policy to be politically neutral. All of its personnel have the political right and freedom as allowed by law. They should be aware of and do not take action or activity or use any resources of the Company and subsidiaries for political activity that may damage the political neutrality of the Company and subsidiaries caused by political involvement. The Company will not directly or indirectly provide political assistance to any political party.
      7. Nok Air provides regular training for employees at all levels on anti - corruption and bribery to raise awareness on the anti-corruption policy. The trainings are incorporated with new employees’ orientation.
      8. All supervisors are responsible for communicating and ensuring good understanding among subordinates and ensuring that all employees have sufficient skills to appropriately implement and apply anti-corruption policy in the activities under their responsibility. The training also ensures that employees are aware of the Company’s expectation and penalty in case of beach of the policy.
      9. Employees shall not ignore when experience or encounter fraudulent activity or corruption related to the Company and subsidiaries. The employees shall immediately inform the supervisors or responsible person through whistleblowing channel specified in this policy and cooperate well to assist the investigation.
      10. The Company shall protect employees and other persons reporting clues or evidence of fraudulent action or corruption related to the Company and subsidiaries, including employees denying to be involved in such corrupted action by implementing the measure to protect complainant or whistleblowers as specified in this policy.
      11. The Company can assure employees that none will be demoted, punished or affected if denying the offer and reception of bribery although such rejection causes the Company to lose business or opportunity. The Company shall not allow anyone to threaten or delay or interrupt the employees who strictly comply with this policy.
      12. A person involved in fraudulent action and corruption is considered breaching the policy and shall be subject to disciplinary penalty and legal penalty if the action breaks related laws.
      13. The Company shall regularly review the guideline and measures to ensure that they are up - to - date and correspond to the changes in related laws, business environment and corporate governance.
    • Scope of complaint and whistleblowing

      When encountering an action that breaches the following:

      1. Fraudulent action directly or indirectly related to the Company and subsidiaries, for example, when an employee is found to offer or receive bribes from government or private organization that have business relationship with the Company or subsidiaries
      2. An action that causes the Company to directly or indirectly lose benefit or damages the Company’s reputation
      3. Action that does not follow operational process or regulations which doubtfully allow an act of fraud or corruption
      4. An illegal, immoral and unethical action
      5. Breach of this policy and good corporate governance principles
      6. Being unfairly treated at work.
    • Clue reporting and whistleblowing channel

      The Board of Director has assigned the Audit Committee to receive clue or complaint related to an act doubtfully to be directly and indirectly involved with fraud and corruption against the Company through complaint reporting channel under this policy. The complainant shall provide true details of the issue or complaints, name, address and telephone number to the Company through the following channels:

      1. Sealed post:
        • 1.1 Chairman of the Audit Committee Nok Airlines Public Company Limited 3 Rajanakarn Building, 17th Fl., South Sathorn Road, Yannawa Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
        • 1.2 Company Secretary Nok Airlines Public Company Limited 3 Rajanakarn Building, 17th Fl., South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
      2. Opinion box provided at the Human Resource Division
    • The person who report the complaint

      The person who can file the complaint related to fraud and corruption is all stakeholder groups, including shareholders, customers, trade competitors, creditors, public organizations, community, the public at large, executives and employees of the Company and subsidiaries. Regardless of the channel the complaints are lodged, the person who reports such irregularities will be protected by law and practice guideline.

    • Measures to protect the person who complain or report clues related to corruption and fraud
      1. The Company will keep highly confidential the information, name, address and other informations that may identify the person who reports irregularity. Only the authorized persons responsible for the investigation shall have access to such information.
      2. The person who receives the complaint and report has the duty to keep confident the information, complaints and evidence from the complainant or the person who file the complaint and must not disclose such information to other persons not involved in this matter, except only required by law.
      3. The Company will disclose the information only when necessary and has to give top priority to the safety and damage on the complainant or the person who report the irregularity or the source of information and related persons.
      4. The affected persons will be compensated through the fair and appropriate process.
    • Investigation and penalty

      If an investigation shows that the information and evidence received provides sufficient reason tobelieve that the accused is involved in fraudulent action or corruption, the Company will give the accused the right to have access to the allegation and the right to prove himself/herself. The accused will be given the opportunity to present addition information and evidence showing that he/she is not involved with such fraudulent action or corruption as accused.

      If the accused is actually involved with the fraud or corruption, the person is considered breaking the Company’s anti-corruption policy and shall receive disciplinary penalty according to the Company’s regulations. In case such fraudulent action or corruption is also illegal, the person will be subject to legal penalty. The Audit Committee’s decision on disciplinary penalty is final.

    • Promotion of anti-corruption policy

      To ensure that all employees are aware of the anti-corruption policy, the Company shall take the following actions:

      1. Posting the anti-corruption policy on the notice board at the Company’s offices at all locations it operates business
      2. Distributing the anti-corruption policy via corporate communication channels, such as email to all employees and corporate website (
      3. Form 56-1 and the Annual Report (Form 56-2)
      4. Training on anti-corruption policy for new employees
      5. Review and update the anti-corruption policy to ensure it corresponds with related announcement and policy
    • Anti-corruption policy and code of conduct training

      In 2018, the Company held training in the anti-corruption policy and code of conduct to ensure employees’ compliance 3 times, as follows:

  3. Human Right Protection

    Realizing the importance of, and promotes, human right protection, Nok Air provides services to passengers regardless of their nationality, race, gender, age, language, religion, etc. and provides them with equal treatment under the principles of dignity, humanity, independence and freedom. Nok Air does not infringe on others’ rights, both legal rights and the rights that do not depend on legal provisions but on standard-based rights, which aims to ensure righteousness, fairness and justice. For example, the Company provides services for passengers who need special assistance, fair-price tickets, and compensation in the case of the Company’s failure to provide the services as required. However, this will be in compliance with relevant laws, requirements, and regulations.

  4. Fair treatment of labor

    Considering that employees are the Company’s key component and the most valuable assets, Nok Air has a policy to offer fair compensation in accordance with relevant laws. Valuing occupational safety, which in the end has an impact on passenger safety, the Company provides employees, supervisors and executives with enhanced relevant knowledge through safety training courses. In addition, it prepares monthly Safety Bulletin to promote safety and thoroughly communicate this to their staff. In 2017, Nok Air held training in occupational safety and health and the working environment 8 times, as follows:

    Nok Air developed the Occupational Safety Manual for its staff to ensure compliance with ministerial regulations and defined the administration and management standards for occupational safety and health and the working environment. All these aimed to raise their awareness of work hazards and practice guidelines to ensure safety at work because any types of jobs involve risks of accidents due to negligence and ignorance. The main causes of accidents are related to individual actions, such as being careless, taking a shortcut in a work process, disobeying rules and regulations, and failing to wear personal safety protection equipment. Actually, these can be prevented by the staff themselves, to ensure their better health and quality of life. The Company realizes that safety will strengthen their spirit and morale, which will eventually lead to corporate success and efficiency.

    Nok Air attaches great importance to the recruitment and selection process to ensure high-quality personnel well-suited to its nature of business and corporate culture. It also provides job opportunities for persons with disabilities under the intention of the Article 33 of the Person with Disabilities Empowerment Act, B.E. 2550 (2007) and the Amendment (No. 2), B.E. 2556 (2013). This aims to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities in terms of guaranteed jobs. This will enable them to use their capabilities to generate income and rely on themselves while reducing burden on their families and society. At the same time, this will empower them to strengthen the economy of their family and country.

    The Company has implemented the compensation management policy that adheres to fairness, reasonableness, and consistency with staff’s knowledge, abilities, and performance, through performance evaluation. In addition, the Company surveyed compensation of outside labor markets and companies in the same business to ensure that compensation procedure is appropriate, competitive, and attractive for new talents.

    Nok Air underlines the importance of staff development by reviewing training courses to enhance the skills and capabilities of each level of staff. This is based on annually planned and designed training schedules, especially all management training courses for supervisors, junior management, and senior management. In 2018, the Company provided internal and external training for 2,520 staff, with per-head training period being 7.25 days per year on average.

    Corporate communication has been continually focused on, and corporate activities have been organized all-year-round to develop and enhance bonds among staff. Nok Air also has the programs “Nok Huang Yai” and “Nok Klai Chit,” which serve as channels through which staff directly communicate, share ideas, and make an inquiry with the Human Resource Department.

    New staff members are provided with an orientation program and training program concerning Basic Airline Knowledge, which aims to equip them with knowledge and understanding about components of the aviation business as well as the relationships between the aviation business and industry. New staff members are exposed to actual work systems and procedures of all functions, including Flight Operations. They also have to learn about the Company’s anti-corruption policy, which aims to create their awareness of the significance of this matter.

    Nok Air has provided fair treatment to the workforce with full commitment to deliver “safety, development, bonding, and communication” to all employees.

  5. Responsibility to Consumers

    In 2018, Nok Air focused on providing high-quality, safety, and customer - satisfaction oriented services. It focused to create customer confidence by providing new -model aircrafts - Boeing 737 - 800 and Bombardier Q400 and engaging a world - leading aircraft maintenance expert to provide maintenance services. Consumers can be of high confidence in its internationally-recognized safety standards for production and maintenance. This aims to comply with Nok Air’s safety policy, its top-priority policy, obligation, and highest responsibility for its consumers.

    Considering that aviation safety is its top priority, Nok Air has continually provided training for its pilots to ensure the highest standards. As a result, it has been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the most-recognized organization in aviation. Its pilots are equipped with extensive flying hours and extensive experience in flying, routes, topography, and local weather. Consumers can have complete confidence in, and trust, its high-quality personnel whenever they travel by Nok Air flights. Trained in international standards, Nok Air’s flight attendants are ready to ensure passenger safety, convenience, and smiling throughout the flight.

    In addition to safety confidence, Nok Air emphasizes on services that provide customers with utmost convenience and satisfaction, including advance seat selection, in-flight snacks and beverages, and minimum baggage allowance without extra charge. It offers channels that allow convenient and quick ticket booking and payment. In case of flight delay or cancellation, passengers will be provided with prior notification via email, SMS, or telephone. Passengers who cannot be reached via these channels will be informed at the check - in counter. Nok Air has developed its service process to ensure travel flexibility and convenience, with the Web Check-in service via the website to check - in in advance before traveling and response to customers’ feedback and complaints. The “Nok Care” and “Nok Feedback” Programs are dedicated to receiving customer complaints, which will be analyzed to optimize services in line with consumer needs.

  6. Responsibility for the Environment

    Being aware that it is part of environmental protection, Nok Air has searched for ways of reducing natural resource usage in the production and service processes. Nok Air has chosen New Generation Boeing 737-800, which uses ‘carbon brakes,’ an innovation that significantly reduces the aircraft weight, compared with its traditional brakes - ‘steel brakes.’ This new brake system helps to save fuel and reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Using carbon materials, which are more durable and have a longer service life than steel materials, the carbon brake can significantly shorten maintenance periods.

    Nok Air also uses the NextGen Bombardier Q400 for short-haul routes. It is the only turboprop model that is accompanied with the active noise and vibration suppression (ANVS) system, which reduces noise pollution. It can decrease fuel consumption by 7% and carbon emissions by 35%. Thus, Nok Air passengers can enjoy a convenient, quiet, fast, and environmental friendly short-haul flight, exclusively offered in Thailand by Nok Air.

    In addition to using the aircraft with innovation that helps to reduce natural resource usage, Nok Air has introduced the “Mobile Boarding Pass.” With this system, passengers can do online check - in via its website and mobile application, supported by various devices, e.g. iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry and Android devices. This significantly reduces paper consumption in the production and service processes, which promotes campaigning against global warming.

  7. Possession and Dissemination of Innovation Derived from Activities Related to Responsibility for Society, the Environment, and Stakeholders

    With good understanding about passengers’ service expectations, Nok Air has introduced innovations to achieve enhanced convenience and confidence of its passengers, as follows:

    • Transit Service by Value Alliance

      Value Alliance is the alliance of 8 leading best - value airlines in Asia Pacific region, comprising Cebu Pacific (including Cebgo), JEJUair, Nok Air, Nok Scoot, Scoot, Tiger Air (Singapore), Tiger Air (Australia) and Vanilla Air. The alliance accesses more than 160 destinations across Asia Pacific, covering one third of the world, with more than 176 aircraft. This new route connection will strengthen the market expansion to other areas. With only a single step of reservation, the alliance introduces new dimension of travel and full service, which will enhance the passengers’ experience. In this collaboration, members share routes to create value and increase travel options, which connect the routes in Southeast Asia, North Asia and Australia and facilitate the passengers in travelling.

      Passengers may select flights and reserve airline tickets directly on the website of each airline. They can book a seat of one airline to fly to the destination of other member airlines. The system will select the best flight from all airlines. The advanced technology developed by Air Black Box (ABB), top multi-carrier booking system, connected all flights in only one transaction. This service will offer more choices of destinations and the passengers of each airline will enjoy more convenience.

    • Nok Air Mobile

      Nok Air introduces mobile application as a new alternative to help the passengers reserve the ticket and manage booking. Working on any operation system (iOS and Android), this paperless system can alleviate the global warming. The passengers can download the application to enjoy the following service by Nok Air anytime anywhere:

      • Booking domestic and international flights and enjoying Fly ‘n’ Ferry and Fly’n’ Ride service in some routes.
      • Payment by credit card or ATM or at service counter
      • Nok Air news, promotion and privileges
      • The passengers may turn the mobile phone into boarding pass and conveniently wait in front of the gate.
      • Checking the price of low-cost tickets with “low-cost ticket” functionality.
      • The passengers can check the booking and boarding pass offline on mobile phone.

Social responsibility beyond normal business conduct (After-Process)

Nok Air recognizes the importance of business conduct with social responsibility. It also has good intention to take part in community and social development, especially children development. That is because the company is aware that they will become the qualified citizen in the future. As a result, Nok Air comes up with tangible community and social development plans under four topics, namely Sharing Nok, Learning Nok, Visionary Nok and Delighted Nok, as a guideline for its activities every year.

In 2018, Nok Air implemented the following projects:


to those who lack of opportunities or social disadvantages in accessing various development areas in order to create a better quality of life. This includes helping to extend the life of the underprivileged by the project throughout the year 2018 consisting of:

  1. Nok Spread the Love on Valentine’s Day: Organizing recreational activities on Valentine’s Day of love. Nok Air organizes activities for patients and relatives to be relaxed and entertained at the children’s hospital by bringing joyful birds, sweets Nok, toys, souvenir to encourage outpatients who have been treated, including children who are inpatients who have been in treatment for a long time, and encouraged the relatives of patients who come to watch for good spirit.

    In addition, Nok Air also visited and encouraged the girls at the Rajavithi Home for Girls, a group of children who lacked one who looks after of and came from poor or broken families in order to encourage them to live in a good future and be an important force in creating a good society.
  2. Nok Happy Feet is a project that Nok Air aware that there are many people in the wilderness that are cut off from the outside world. Especially during the rainy season where traffic is difficult, where the road is ravaged by destruction. Children and youth who walk to school lack the shoes to wear. Nok Air would like to be an organization that will help support consumer goods, necessary appliances and shoes for every step of the way. “The Walk of Happiness” which is the source of the project name “Nok Happy Feet”.

    At present, the project “Nok Happy Feet” has been running the project for more than 3 years. This year, Nok Air traveled to give assistance at Nakian Subdistrict, Omkoi District, Chiang Mai Province by bringing more than 1,200 pairs of shoes, various items and consumables to help support the happiness of the Thai community, Mae Fah Luang mountain.
  3. Nok Toy Story The creative project that is organized for the second year, which is a collaboration of Nok Air and Nok Air employees to share toys, dolls, and books for underprivileged children. This year, we donated to Somnuk Witiworakan School and Ban Kluai School, Ratchaburi Province.
  4. Nok Gives Life Giving the opportunity to be one of the most spectacular giving and happiness from sharing the love for the underprivileged to have a new life can help the Thai society to be more live able and beautiful, which is currently in operation until the 13th year this year. Nok Air creates a Nok Gives Life key chain for sale. All proceeds from the sale after deducting expenses will be donated to the Children’s Heart Disease Foundation under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana Krom Luang Narathiwat Rajanagarindra to help pediatric patients with heart disease that is scarce, which can help patients to receive more than 500 heart surgery. It can be purchased at all airports and on every flight of Nok Air until the end of 2018 “because we believe Love is giving” YOU GIVES LOVE, NOK GIVES LIFE.


The Company recognizes the importance of children’s learning and education, therefore with the cooperation of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, a project named “Fill the Dream for Youngers” has been launched to enhance school outdoor skills for underprivileged students. During 2018, Nok Air CSR team activated such events in 8 schools as following:

  • Watsamkor School, Ayudhaya province
  • Watbanpan School, Ayudhaya province
  • Ban Khun Mae Nai School, Chiang Mai province
  • Kiew Saew Old School, Chiang Mai province
  • Bantakayang School, Chantaburi
  • Banwangrang School, Nakornrajsima province
  • Bankudnoi School, Nakornrajsima province

Total 650 students of the whole project.


Nok Delighted Project’s main purpose is to give, whether in forms of tangible giving or spiritual giving. Throughout the year 2018, Nok Delighted has anticipated to 3 projects namely as follows:

  1. Project “1 Your Meal = 1 Younger Meal”
    The cooperation with CCF (Community Children Foundation) under the Royal Patronage of HRH Princess Mana Chakri Siridhorn and Nok Air aiming to develop the poor children and youth to have a better quality of life in terms of food, education and future career by partial revenue of advanced meal order onboard from passengers would be contributed to children of CCF.
  2. Nok Air’s Tickets Sponsorship for Humanitarian and Social Assistance Projects are as following:

    • Thai Red Cross Eye Center: For a period of more than a decade, Nok Air has sponsored free air tickets for 400-600 flights per year to doctor and medical support teams for the purpose of the center that there had been 2,093 recipients of the organ who resumed the sight and had continued a better life.
    • “Panfun Panyim Project” (Share a Dream, also a smile) was a coordinative project of the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense and Nok Air on capacity of social assisting through many projects such as building schools in the remote areas, helping the underprivileged patients from various areas to be admitted in hospitals in Bangkok, etc.
    • Fund for Poor Psychiatric Patients, Loei Ratchanakharin Psychiatric Hospital: with Nok Air’s vision and support to the indegence of psychiatirc patients as an intermediary between the needy (patient) and the kalayanamitr (donor) who is ready to give, Chairman of the Poor Psychiatric Patients Fund of Loei Psychiatric Hospital, Dr. Piyada Hachaiyapoom had named the fund as “Poor Psychiatric Patients Fund of Loei Psychiatric Hospital” in order to enhance the opportunity for ones who are ready to give to ones who are ready to receive. During these 5 years, the Fund has served its purpose to improve the quality of psychiatric patients’ treatments in stepping back with value into social as “we will be of value when we are useful to ourselves and others”.
    • “Kao Taam Roi Doi Kam Project” was supporting an activity of walk - run rally “Kao Taam Roi Doi Kam”. Runners who participated in the event did not only aim to compete to the finished line but the main aim was also to run through the path with an experience of the “community of happiness rendered by our Father”, which was to gain access to profound understanding that the sustainable development through the Royal Initiative Project plays an important role in building a strong and happy community. The income earned from this event, after deducted expenses, had contributed to educational equipment for 6 schools in Mae Ngon sub-district and medical equipment for 2 Tambon Health Promotion Hospitals.
    • “Rak Na…Ranong Project” was a supporting project took place in Ranong province with the cooperation from the Ranong Provincial Chamber of Commerce to promote tourism in Ranong and to preserve and develop marine and coastal resources in Ranong province.
    • “7th Phuket Run to Give” was a project to support the run expo charity organized by The Marriott international at Bang Ward Dam, Phuket. The event was held for the 7th time, it’s aim was to raise fund to support the project “Panfun Panyim” and Children and Youth Development Fund in the remote area according to the initiative of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.
    • Medical Volunteer Foundation (Por Or. Sor Wor. - The Princess Mother‘s Medical Volunteer Foundation): Nok Air provided airtickets to the Foundation’s mobile dentists team to serve the people in rural and remote areas according to the royal determination of The Princess Mother who once said, “It’s a troublesome to let a farmer leave his plantation and go to see the doctor in the city”. The recognition and air travel facilitation provided to the Medical Volunteer Foundation by Nok Air had benefited the sufficient budget for the Foundation to provide more efficient medical equipment and make it possible to help more country fellows.
  3. Details of Air Transport Support are as following:
    • Thai Red Cross transferring of organs, tissues and blood. Nok Air has supported the transport of organs, tissues and blood to Thai Red Cross Organ Donation Center for all these 8 years. There were a total of organ transplants of 2,093 patients during 2011-2018 with the contribution of Nok Air.
    • Cargo Transport: Friends of Pa Foundation in the events of calamities.
    • Transport to help dogs in Soi Dog Project which helped more than 200 dogs for the past 3 years.
    • Transport the helping equipments of government and private sector in the Wild Boar Academy rescue. Nok Air would like to express appreciation to each and every passenger who has taken part in contributing to the implementation of various projects from the first day of organs, tissues and blood transfer project of the Thai Red Cross, until this present day, the contributions of Nok Air have grown into many more projects with social responsibilities which have all accomplished well. Thanks to the co-operations rendered from all sectors, including government agencies, private agencies, passengers, including Nok Air employees.
NOK Gives Life Project

“Nok Gives Life: 400 Hearts can save One Life” project was initiated with an intention of Nok Air employees to thank Thai society for their support. Having continued for 10 consecutive years, the project is aimed at raising funds for the children with Heart Disease Foundation under the patronage of H.R.H. Princess Galyani Vadhana Krom Luang Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra. Interested person could buy the “Nok Gives Life” key chain at 70 baht a piece where all sales proceeds went to the Foundation with no expense deduction. In 2015, Nok Air presented 3,000,000 baht to the Foundation to support their operations.

View VDO 1 View VDO 2 View VDO 3

Ride for Life Project

In 2016, “Nok Air Ride For Life” enhances the “Nok Gives Life” Project. This activity adds into a lifestyle of healthy trends. This activity aims to raise money for charity to support The Cardiac Children Foundation of Thailand. Everyone can join the activity, not only a biker who can register to be a representative of this donation by cycling but also a pledger who can ‘pledge’ a biker to ride for them. Let’s share this to your friends and family to be part of helping the cardiac children to have a better life.

Ride for Life

Nok Rien Roo (Learning)

Nok Air understands that learning and education are very important to young people and initiated the “NOK Library” project to build earth library in community and schools in remote areas. The library serves as a center for young people to learn and embrace reading habit to their own while spending free time in a good way

The construction of the earth library is cooperation between volunteers from Nok Air and community, which created strong bonding and close relationship among participants. The volunteers have to work together in finding natural materials available in the local areas to build the library together. Throughout this process, participants learn new things together and work together. Although this process requires a lot of efforts, it saves a lot of time and expenses on raw materials. The earth library therefore has very high emotional value for young people and their community as well as volunteers from Nok Air.

Nok Mong Klai (Vision)

The main objective of Nok Mong Klai is to encourage young people in remote areas to be aware of the importance of the nature and take action to protect the nature. To begin with, young people are given opportunity to experience the nature out of their community, which opens up their perception about the nature.

Nok Mong Klai Season 1/2014 Nok Mong Klai Season 2/2015